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The Eleventh Hour Tapestries

King Midas and his Daughter

King Midas ruled over the ancient country of Phrygia. He loved his daughter and his garden. Most of all, he loved gold.

When a stranger suddenly appeared and asked him "If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?" King Midas answered "That everything I touch would turn into gold."

His wish was granted. But the King quickly discovered that his food and drink turned to gold in his mouth. Then he kissed his beloved daughter, who immediately turned into a golden statue.

Distraught with grief, when the stranger returned the King said he didn't want his golden touch any more. Water from his river was sprinkled over everything he had touched, and his food, his flowers, and his daughter were restored once more. He had lost his golden touch, but his life was regained.

Completed 1995

Size: 89cm wide x 94cm high (35" x 37") Wool & silk weft, linen warp.