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The Eleventh Hour Tapestries


The Eleventh Hour

This tapestry captures the moment when Mary Cassini heard the Post Office clock strike the eleventh hour, at the conclusion of a peace vigil held in Victoria Square, Adelaide, Australia, on Saturday, 17 December 1983.  The striking clock gave Mary the idea of a 3 Minutes World Silence, now shared by people worldwide.

Other scenes in this tapestry are from Mary's life, and from her play "The 3 Minutes World Silence Show", detailed below.

Left to Right (lower):  Mary as a child being machine-gunned by a Nazi plane (Canterbury, England, 1942);  Peter and Mary weaving;  the Enemy Army with Major Catastrophe leading his troops into a pointless battle.  They are controlled by evil Mr Big, the arms dealer (above);  Mother and her baby (far right) who grows up to join the army.

Left (middle):  Letters written to Mary in support of the World Silence.

Centre: Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia. When  Mary heard the clock strike eleven o`clock, this became her inspiration for 3 Minutes World Silence every January 1st at the eleventh hour, with its message "for every one of us to remember the future, and to wish for peace."

Designed and woven 2000-2003.  Weft:  Wool & Silk.  Warp: Linen.